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    LPF33PT - 30° Low Profile Paper Collated Framing Nailer
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    Features and Benefits
    • Low-profile design for getting in-between rafters and in tight spaces
    • Tool-free selectable trigger allows for single-drive (Sequential Nailing) or multi-drive (Bump Nailing) modes with the flip of a switch
    • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment designed for precise sinking of fasteners
    • Internal air filter protects engine from harmful contaminants such as dirt and debris
    • Adjustable rafter hook designed so end-users can use both hands when needed
    • Last nail retention magnet prevents last nail from dropping out of the nose

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    Product Details
    Weight 7.6 lbs, 3.45 kilos
    Fastener Range 2" -3-1/4"
    Magazine Capacity 92 nails
    Power 840 in-lbs.
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