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HR-LN - LockNail™ Machine
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Features and Benefits
  • The LockNail™ system is a competitively priced upholstery panel nailing system allowing quick and easy applications of a hard galvanized steel fastener to cardboard or composite board upholstery panel. The system improves quality with accurate placement of nails and reduces panel failure by eliminating nail pop-thru in upholstery material. As the locknail is driven through the panel by a pneumatic “Stapler” three barbs pierce the material. The two smaller tabs are clinched like a staple securing the low profile head to the panel. The third larger tab is a strong thin ribbed nail available in 3/4" and 15/16" lengths. After this 'pre-nailing' padding and cover material are applied to the panel during the finishing operation. The panel can then be securely nailed to the furniture frame using a mallet or block of wood.

Product Details
    Securing upholstery panels to the frame
   Work Safely with Tools, Wear Safety Glasses.
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