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    BOS_18GA_BRADS - 18 Gauge Brads
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    Item # Description
    BT1300B 3,000-Qty. 5/8" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1300B-1M 1,000-Qty. 5/8" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1303B 3,000-Qty. 3/4" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1303B-1M 1,000-Qty. 3/4" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1309B 3,000-Qty. 1" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1309B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1314B 3,000-Qty. 1-3/16" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1314B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1-3/16" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1332B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1-1/4" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1332SS 500-Qty. 1-1/4" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1335B 3,000-Qty. 1-3/8" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1335B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1-3/8" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1338B 2,000-Qty. 1-1/2" 18-Guage Brads
    BT1338B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1-1/2" 18-Guage Brads
    BT1340B 2,000-Qty. 1-9/16" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1340B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1-9/16" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1342B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1-5/8" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1345B 2,000-Qty. 1-3/4" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1345B-1M 1,000-Qty. 1-3/4" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1350B 2,000-Qty. 2" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1350B-1M 1,000-Qty. 2" 18-Gauge Brads
    BT1350SS 500-Qty. 2" 18-Gauge Brads
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