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    Catalog Part Description
    CNTK1 Contact Trigger Conversion Kit
    CNTK2 Contact Trigger Conversion Kit
    MCN-KIT2 Metal Connector Kit
    PRO-14 Repair Prohoze™ Repair Kit
    PRO-38 Repair Prohoze™ Repair Kit
    SEQ4 Sequential Trigger Conversion Kit
    SEQ6 Sequential Trigger Conversion Kit
    SEQ7 Sequential Trigger Conversion Kit
    TIPPAK1 Application Tips
    TIPPAK2 Application Tips
    TVA11 Trigger Valve Kit
    TVA6 Trigger Valve Kit
    VSA2 Vinyl Siding Adapter for RN45B Roofing Nailer
    VSA4 Vinyl Siding Adaptor for RN46 Roofing Nailer
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