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    New F-Series Framing Nailers Offer Groundbreaking Features For Three Different Nail Collations

    June 29, 2005 – East Greenwich, RI
    – BOSTITCH announced today the introduction of three innovative framing nailers – the F28WW, F21PL, and F33PT – for framers using wire weld nails, plastic collated nails, or paper tape nails. Global Product Manager Dan Burgjohann said, “The needs of stick builders evolve very quickly … they increasingly need versatility. We believe features like the Smart Trigger and push button depth of drive will help lead the industry into a new era of wood frame construction.”

    F-series framing nailers allow end-users to decide which type of firing mode best suits their needs. A sequential trigger comes standard on each unit; however, it includes an additional trigger that converts the tool into either a “Smart mode” or “contact trip mode.” The exclusive Smart Trigger operates in contact (bump-fire) mode when the trigger is pulled before the nose is depressed; however, it drives nails individually if the nose is depressed before the trigger is pulled. This minimizes the recoil effect that sometimes causes double firing.

    Unlike competitive framing nailers, two of the F-Series units – F33PT and F21PL - offer an interchangeable tip for fastening metal connectors. Users can convert the tip simply by pushing the depth of drive adjustment button, removing the standard tip, and replacing it with the metal connector tip. All F-series nailers tout a slim body design for maximum line of sight during precise applications such as fastening joist hangers or metal strapping.

    The new line-up of BOSTITCH framing nailers includes the model F28WW, a 28° wire-weld nailer. Weighing only 7.7 pounds, this unit has a magazine capacity of 100 nails. Next in the line-up is the model F21PL, a 21° plastic collated nailer. This unit weighs 8.1 pounds and has a magazine capacity of 65 nails. The third nailer in the F-Series is the model F33PT, a 33° paper tape nailer. Weighing 7.9 pounds, this unit has a magazine capacity of 85 nails.

    All of the F-Series features are the same, with the exception of nail collation and a few other minor differences. For example, the F21PL and the F33PT feature an integrated magazine adjustment that can switch from a .113/.131 nail to .131/.162 nails. To adjust the magazine, simply remove a fiberglass spacing rod and store it on the magazine until switching back to the original setting. This feature ensures a smooth operation for framers who must meet code in hurricane or earthquake-prone regions of the country.

    The new BOSTITCH framing nailers also feature exclusive on-board features to help streamline the task of framing. For example, a notched 16" layout indicator is positioned on the front of the magazine. This allows the user achieve the correct distance between studs in a matter of seconds without the interruption a tape measure. Additionally, the nail’s collation pattern is printed on the magazine to take the guesswork out of using the right nail configuration.

    A patented push button depth of drive mechanism allows the user to set nails to desired depths in a matter of seconds while a tool-free adjustable exhaust directs blow-back in any direction. Each unit provides bolt-on steel wear guards with rubber skid pads to protect the housing from daily wear and tear on the jobsite.

    BOSTITCH chose magnesium – the same metal used in aircraft design – to construct the nailer’s housing because of its lightweight, durable characteristics. Burgjohann explains, “Shaving off one pound makes a ton of difference to a professional framer after a day of work.” Although most people equate lighter weight to less power, that is clearly not the case with the F-Series nailers, which deliver a staggering 1,050 inch-pounds of power.

    The lightweight design, combined with an over-molded grip, works with the user to offer maximum comfort and minimize fatigue during overhead applications or prolonged use. The engineers didn’t stop with weight alone; they also improved overall balance and feel by redistributing the tool’s weight, which actually feels lighter when in use.

    The model F28WW is expected to sell for approximately $269. The F33PT is expected to sell for approximately $289. The F21PL is expected to sell for approximately $289. All F-series are currently available on the market.
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