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    Together, Bostitch® and Stanley® have an incredible story to tell of product innovation, range, quality and leadership.

    Originally known as the Boston Wire Stitcher® Company, the first syllables of the words "Boston" and "Stitcher" were joined to make "Bostitch®", and the name was adopted for product use after the manufacture of machines began.
    Thomas Briggs, the founder, invented a new kind of user friendly Wire Stitcher designed for fastening books, calendars, checks, hat boxes, etc. This machine made a staple or stitch as it was called from a coil of wire. It was called the Boston Wire Stitcher and the company was named the Boston Wire Stitcher Company.
    In 1903 the Company invented a foot operated stapling machine that used pre-formed staples. These staples were not collated but had to be slid off of a track into the magazine of the machine. Later they were collated with paper and then glue. Soon the Boston Wire Stitcher Company was developing various kinds of staplers for industrial markets.
    The first Bostitch® Desk Stapler Model AO was manufactured. Staples were loose and shipped on a tray.
    Bostitch® introduced first cemented strip staples- the standard in the industry.
    Manufacture of Foot and Motor Operated Staplers.
    The Bostitch® Sales Company was formed to sell Bostitch® products.
    During World War II, Bostitch® contributed to the war effort by manufacturing parts for and performing the final assembly of the Browning automatic rifle, attaching burlap to camouflage netting and manufacturing other war related products.
    The Boston Wire Stitcher Company officially became Bostitch®, Inc.
    The Bostitch® plant moved to its current location in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
    Bostitch® introduced the first Coil Nailer, the N2.
    Bostitch® introduced the N16 framing nailer.
    The N12, Bostitch®'s first Coil Roofing Nailer, was introduced.
    The Stanley Works of New Britain, Connecticut acquired Bostitch® from Textron.
    Bostitch continues it's innovation, from N62 an N88 to the Impact Nailer and the CRN38K, as well as a complete line of compressors.


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