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Rigorous tests were performed at the critically acclaimed Center for Unit-Loaded Design at Virginia Tech University. The overwhelming results confirmed what our engineers already knew:

The Pallet Plus™ Nail is going to revolutionize the pallet industry.


Fat Head
• 19% larger head
• Maximizes shear and pull through performance
• Foundation for greater pallet end board impact resistance and diagonal rigidity

3 Patents Pending
• Innovative nail design
• Ultra performance
• Recognized product differentiation
Royal Purple Coating
• Maximizes depth of drive
• Polymer coating composition optimized for
maximum anti-withdrawal performance
• Colored for easy identification
“No Voids” Shank Technology
• 100% deep screw in active plane area
• No voids for collation wire
• Optimizes withdrawal performance
Made to Fit
• Bostitch® N70CB, N80CB, N86C Precision Point
• Available in Blunt Diamond and Blunt Chisel
• Reduces splitting in hardwoods

Pallet Plus™ Nail Specifications
Full Round Head, .099 Shank
SKU Number Collation Length
FC6DS099BD-PP Coil 2"
FC6DS099BC-PP Coil 2"
FC7DS099BD-PP Coil 2"-1/4" -
FC8DS099BD-PP Coil 2"- 1/2"
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